Company Profile

Korn Diamonds specializes in the production of assorted special cuts and in manufacturing fancy shaped diamonds -- Baguettes, Princess Cuts, Emerald Cuts, Marquises, Heart Shapes, Ovals, Pears, Cushion Cuts and Radiant Cuts. Our pièces de resistance are diamonds cut to-precise calibrated measurements and angles, as per client's specification.

The expertise required to set diamonds in high end jewelry items and timepieces demands more than simply integrating the gem in the setting.  It demands an exact integration of art and science.  Precision and exquisite beauty.  So, the end result must be absolutely seamless. 

For more than three generations, Korn Diamonds have been providing clients throughout the world with exactly these results, serving the worlds' leading jewelry firms and luxury watch brands.

We provide end-to-end services that meet clients' demands, be they a line of loose stones or a comprehensive invisible setting of the highest standard. Results that are founded on experience, depth of knowledge, cutting-edge technology and solution-oriented, master craftsmanship.


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